ORU R01: Send radiology reports to PKB


The ORU R01 message can be used to send radiology reports, and will appear in the "Imaging" tab in the PKB web interface.

Note: we detect radiology data based on MSH-3. It must be "RADIOLOGY", or else another radiology system on our list (let us know what you use and we'll add it to our list).

Content patterns

A "content pattern" indicates how PKB will interpret the contents of your message. This provides additional guidance over and above the syntactic requirements of individual segments.

PKB only supports one content pattern for radiology reports.

Single HTML report with multiple embedded attachments

The OBR group can contain multiple OBX and NTE segments.

If an OBX segment contains an attachment (OBX-2.1 = ED) then the attachment will be extracted and added to the final radiology report. The location and ordering of OBX segments containing attachments is not considered meaningful.

An NTE segment, or an OBX segment which does not contain an attachment is considered to contain a portion of the radiology report. The ordering of these segments will be respected, but they do not maintain an identity in their own right. They will be concatenated together to form a single HTML radiology report.

Note: If you wish to apply a patient delay this must be provided in the first segment.

Relevant entities

Please click through to the Data Model to explore the presentation of these entities in the web interface.

Update behaviour

[[Radiology Report]]

Matched on: [[Radiology Report.External ID]] as derived from ORC-3.1 or OBR-3.1

When matched: The existing [[Radiology Report]] is replaced in its entirety. A partial update is not performed.

When not matched: New [[Radiology Report]] created.


ORU R01 Radiology


An example message containing a radiology image.


PID|||9999999999^^^NHS^NH||Smith^John^Joe^^Mr||19700101|M|||Flat name^1, The Road^London^London^SW1A 1AA^GBR||01234567890^PRN~07123456789^PRS|^NET^^^WPN||||||||||||||||N|

OBR|1|P123|F123|500^CHEST XRAY^L||201408080948|201408080000||||||||||||||||||F

OBX|1|ED|502^CHEST XRAY^L||^IM^TIFF^Base64^JVi0xLjMKJeTjz9IKNAw (more bytes...)||||||F|||201408080000


PKB will respond with a standard HL7 acknowledgement.