ADT A05: Pre-Admit a patient


Records an expected future admission of a patient. Additionally, an appointment will be created in the patient's calendar.

Relevant entities

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Update behaviour


Matched on: [[Encounter.External Encounter ID]] as derived from PV1-19.1

When matched: The [[Encounter Event]] will be handled as indicated below.

When not matched: A new [[Encounter]] will be created with this message.

[[Encounter Event]]

Matched on: An Encounter can contain zero or one pre-admit [[Encounter Event]]s. If the [[Encounter]] has been matched, then there will be at most one pre-admit [[Encounter Event]], so no other IDs are required for matching.

When matched: The pre-admit [[Encounter Event]] is replaced with the information in this message.

When not matched: The pre-admit [[Encounter Event]] will be added to the [[Encounter]].


Matched on: PKB maintains an internal link joining the [[Encounter]] to the [[Appointment]]. No additional external IDs required.

When matched: The [[Appointment]] information is replaced with the information in this message.

When not matched: A new [[Appointment]] is created and associated with this [[Encounter]].


This is identical in format to the ADT A01, except that an [[Appointment]] entity will also be populated. In addition, since this message is typically used for future events, PV2-8 and EVN-3 will also be considered when determining both the event timestamp and the appointment start time. This is shown below.




PID|||9999999999^^^NHS^NH||Smith^John^Joe^^Mr||19700101|M|||Flat name^1, The Road^London^London^SW1A 1AA^GBR||01234567890^PRN~07123456789^PRS|^NET^^^WPN||||||||||||||||N|

PV1|1|I|^^^^^^^^My Ward||||^Jones^Stuart^James^^Dr^|^Smith^William^^^Dr^|^Foster^Terry^^^Mr^||||||||||V00001|||||||||||||||||||||||||201508011000|201508011200


PKB will respond with a standard HL7 acknowledgement.