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Setting up an HL7 API configuration


This form is intended to capture the information required by PKB to create an HL7 interface connection for you. It is assumed that you have already received an overview of PKB, that the various roles have been agreed, and that decisions regarding which Organisations and Teams are to be created have already been taken.

This page relates specifically to HL7 messaging. Other customisations, such as configuring a customer logo in the web interface, are in the coordinator help documentation.


Customers can send data to PKB via the HL7 API. Details of this API can be found in the HL7 API section of the online developer documentation.

This form is intended to capture all the configuration options that are available so that we can configure your connection appropriately. Some of the options relate to the content of the HL7 messages, whilst some relate to other configuration options that can be set for each interface.

Summary explanations are given for the individual options; please see the main documentation set for a more comprehensive explanation of the relevant features. Links to further information are provided within the form itself.

As soon as all the necessary information is available, PKB can configure a test site, with test accounts, on our UAT server and provide some corresponding HL7 credentials. This will allow you to send data into those test accounts and to see how the data are displayed.