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ADT A01: Admit a patient


This will create a new Encounter for the specified patient.

Relevant entities

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Update Behaviour 

Message Entity Matching Criteria Behaviour (Matched) Behaviour (Not Matched)
A01 [[Encounter]] [[Encounter.External ID]] as derived from PV1-19.1 The [[Encounter Event]] will be handled as indicated below. A new [[Encounter]] will be created with this message.
  [[Encounter Event]] An Encounter can contain zero or one admission [[Encounter Event]]. If the [[Encounter]] has been matched, then there will be at most one admission [[Encounter Event]], so no other IDs are required for matching. The admission [[Encounter Event]] is replaced with the information in this message. The admission [[Encounter Event]] is added to the [[Encounter]].


Segment Field Component Description Example Data Model

Message header. This conforms to PKB's standard definition.

Patient identification. This conforms to PKB's standard definition.

Patient visit information. This contains most of the relevant Encounter information that PKB processes. See here for further details of our approach to Encounters.

Patient class

PV1-2.1 Patient class. Allowed values are defined in Code Set PKBCS04. I [[Encounter Event.Class]]

[ PV1-3 ]


PV1-3.9 Free text description of the location. My Ward [[Encounter Event->Location.Description]]

[ PV1-7 ]
Attending doctor
[[Encounter Event->External Participant.Name]]

[[Encounter Event->External Participant.Role]] will be set to ATTENDER.

PV1-7.2 Family name Jones  

[ PV1-7.3 ] Given name Stuart  

[ PV1-7.4 ]
Middle names James  

[ PV1-7.6 ] Prefix Dr  

[ PV1-8 ]
Referring doctor
[[Encounter Event->External Participant.Name]]

[[Encounter Event->External Participant.Role]] will be set to REFERRER.

PV1-8.2 Family name Smith  

[ PV1-8.3 ] Given name William  

[ PV1-8.4 ] Middle names

[ PV1-8.6 ] Prefix Dr  

[ PV1-9 ]
Consulting doctor
[[Encounter Event->External Participant.Name]]

[[Encounter Event->External Participant.Role]] will be set to CONSULTANT.

PV1-9.2 Family name Foster  

[ PV1-9.3 ] Given name Terry  

[ PV1-9.4 ] Middle names

[ PV1-9.6 ] Prefix Mr  

[ PV1-10 ]
Hospital service. See here for more information on code sets.

PV1-10.1 Hospital service code
[[Encounter Event.Specialty]]

Visit ID. This is used by PKB to uniquely identify an Encounter.

PV1-19.1 Visit ID V00001 [[Encounter.External Encounter ID]]

[ PV1-44 ]
Admit datetime. Timestamp of admission for the entire Encounter.

PV1-44.1 Admit timestamp 201508011200 [[Encounter Event.Timestamp]]

If not provided, MSH-7 will be used.
  [ PV1-45 ]
Discharge datetime. Timestamp of discharge for the entire Encounter.   Ignored by an A01


PID|||9999999999^^^NHS^NH||Smith^John^Joe^^Mr||19700101|M|||My flat name^1, The Road^London^London^SW1A 1AA^GBR||^NET~01234567890^PRN~07123456789^PRS|^NET~01234098765^WPN||||||||||||||||N|
PV1|1|I|^^^^^^^^My Ward||||^Jones^Stuart^James^^Dr^|^Smith^William^^^Dr^|^Foster^Terry^^^Mr^||||||||||V00001|||||||||||||||||||||||||201508011000|201508011200


PKB will respond with a standard HL7 acknowledgement.