This is a draft document. Please be aware that the contents are subject to change.

Terminology Registry

PKB uses various CodeSystems and NamingSystems throughout our FHIR API.

Each FHIR CodeSystem and FHIR NamingSystem is identified by way of a canonical URL.

As such, our CodeSystem type service and NamingSystem type service act as a terminology registry; information about code sets and naming systems can be retrieved by querying the type service, supplying the canonical url as the search parameter.

Terminology Service

These two resources are part of the set of FHIR resources described by the Terminology Module, and are a subset of the functionality required before a server can claim to be a Terminology Service.

PKB supports both these terminology resources, but since we do not yet handle external code systems, nor do we offer the full set of required terminology functionality, we do not claim formally to be a "Terminology Service".

Note that since the canonical URLs allow a level of indirection, the CodeSystem and NamingSystem resources are not referenced directly by other FHIR resources. As such, this functionality could theoretically be hosted on a different server.