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This is a draft document. Please be aware that the contents are subject to change.

FHIR RelatedPerson Resource


Within PKB a [[Patient]] is permitted to establish a carer-caree relationship with another [[Patient]]. Since this carer-caree relationship is between 2 [[Patient]]s, PKB primarily treats each [[Patient]] as a FHIR Patient. However, there are some instances where it is helpful to distinguish between the [[Patient]] who was the recipient of care, and the [[Patient]] who was involved only in their capacity as a carer. An example is the list of participants in an Appointment. In such situations, PKB will return a FHIR RelatedPerson instance for the PKB [[Patient]] who was acting as a carer, to help the caller identify more easily the Patient who actually received the care.

Relevant Entities



RelatedPerson resources can only be returned as contained resources.


Resource idN/A 
  • patient: Reference
    • reference = the relative URL of the Patient resource
    • display = [[User.Title]] [[User.Given Name]] [[User.Family Name]]
  • name: HumanName
    • family = [[User.Family Name]]
    • given[0] = [[User.Given Name]]
    • prefix[0] = [[User.Title]]