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This is a draft document. Please be aware that the contents are subject to change.

FHIR Practitioner Resource


The Practitioner resource contains basic demographic information about non-patient users.

Although there is a 1-to-1 mapping between a PKB [[Patient]] and a FHIR Patient, non-Patient user types are more complicated.

PKB has multiple non-Patient user types, but they are all considered to be Practitioners in FHIR. These include:
As such, although PKB does not yet permit all of the above user types to authenticate against the FHIR API, callers should be aware that the Practitioner resource itself does not directly indicate the PKB user type of the associated user.

Callers should not assume that a FHIR Practitioner is a PKB [[Professional]].

Relevant Entities


Protection CategoryInteractionHTTPURLSupported Search ParamsPermitted User TypesDescriptionExamples
Non ClinicalreadGET/Practitioner/<id>None
  • Professional
Retrieve a specific Practitioner./Practitioner/bdaa24d0-3cd5-469c-aa69-db676fa31bbe


Resource id[[User.Public ID]]
  • name: HumanName
    • family = [[User.Family Name]]
    • given[0] = [[User.Given Name]]
    • prefix[0] = [[User.Title]]