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Response Codes

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When PKB returns an error, we will try to include an OperationOutcome with a meaningful error code.


ACC_TOKEN_EXPIREDYour access token has expired. If you have a refresh token, you can use this to try to obtain a new access token.
ACCESS_FROZEN_INWARDThe medical record you are trying to access has had its access frozen.
ACCESS_FROZEN_OUTWARDThe patient who is making the request has had their access frozen.
API_SESSION_EXPIREDSome API sessions expire after a predefined amount of time. If your session has expired you are not able to use an existing access token, and you are not able to use a refresh token to obtain a new access token.
API_SESSION_INVALIDAn API session can be invalidated for a few reasons. For example, if a refresh token is used more than once.
BAD_AUTHENTICATIONYou did not provide a valid access token. For example, perhaps you forgot to include the Authorization header with your request.
NO_ASSOCIATIONYou have no association to the target data.
NO_CONSENTYou do not have consent to access the target data, and BTG is not active.
NO_DECRYPT_KEYYou do not have decryption access to the target data.
SHARING_DISABLEDSharing has been disabled for the target medical record.
USER_TYPE_NOT_PERMThe FHIR endpoint is not available to your user type.